Why work for us?

Our values are simple: to deliver outstanding Medico-Legal reports from people who care.

As an independent leading provider of Expert Care Reports we attract the highest calibre of professionals.

The role allows for flexible working and can fit in with other clinical commitments. There are significant pay rewards and unlike most other medico-Legal agencies you are paid promptly for work undertaken.

We are always looking to hear from experienced professional in the fields of Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Social work and any other areas of clinical practice

This is led by the Assistant Director (AD), Jean Phillips who personally trains and mentors each Expert throughout their time at HFH Consulting.

Induction programme

  • Training on medico-legal reporting – CPR 35 and the duty of the expert
  • Office procedures and processes
  • Shadowing of experienced expert witnesses
  • Ongoing mentoring and supervision