Events 2016

Conferences and Exhibitions

  • There are no upcoming events.

Past Events

23 . 04 . 2015 APIL Annual Conference 2015  >>

19 . 03 . 2015 Fifty Shades of Pain Conference 2015 >>

01 . 05 . 2014 APIL Personal Injury annual conference

01 . 04 . 2014 Our own hosted conference regarding our published research regarding: “IT Takes Two? – exploring the manual handling myth” in London

26 . 09 . 2013 APIL Clinical Negligence annual residential conference in Windsor

Seminars and Training Sessions

All the Experts are well established as part of Jane James and Associates development service. There is a range of seminars and training sessions that are offered. These are tailor made depending on requirements.

Expert Consultants all have specialist experience and interest which enables Jane James and Associates to provide seminars and training sessions on a range of interesting subjects.

These sessions have received positive feedback from clients as they not only learn about the Jane James and Associates, but also to meet all the experts in the team.

Marketing days

These are aimed at individuals and specific organisations to target a much larger audience and allows a much wider networking and learning opportunity for all that attend.

Please watch this space for our planned Marketing Days in 2015 or alternatively if you wish to pre-register or discuss an event for an event please email:

Please contact the office for further details of the seminars, training sessions or Marketing days available.